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What is Eyezer?
• Eyezer is a new service, e-commerce and a publication platform for reading independent operators articles and stories.

Why Eyezer?
• Eyezer beta service will be opened in the summer of 2015. Our goal is to provide the consumer with excellent usability, in particular for mobile devices.

What is in Eyezer?
• You can browse the free stuff freely and the paid the stuff by paying the article fee.

How do I pay for reading the stories?
• payment of the article is done by using the wallet balance
• adding a wallet balance id done by paying the credit card minimum payment of 10.00 €
• wallet balance will not expire if you use it at least once a year
• all your shopping can pay with credit and debit cards as well as with PayPal. Payment is mediated by Braintree.

Do I need to register to the service?
• Reading public stories do not require registration
• registration is done by creating Eyezer IDs
• username is your email address
• you can change the password in "change password" section
• register here http://eyezer.com/registration

How do I read stuff?
• reading free stories does not require any effort
• reading paid articles requires tapping the buy button
• articles purchased appear also on the service´s "my articles" section
• Eyezer service can be used with devices
• the service works with the latest HTML 5 and epub standards supporting browsers
• Windows requires at least Internet Exploler version 11
• you do not need to download any applications
• currently the service can not be used without an active internet connection

I want to give feedback?
• Eyezer is in a beta stage, so we would like your feedback for example on the content of the service and its availability. All ideas are welcome. You can send us feedback at palaute@eyezer.com e-mail address.

I want to partner or publish my story on Eyezer service?
• We are interested in hearing from you and your ideas. Please contact us at info@eyezer.com e-mail address.

If you want to ask or comment on something on Eyezer service you can contact us at palaute@eyezer.com

Terms Privacy policy

Eyezer terms

1. General

Eyezer internet service is produced by Lumi Interactive Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Lumi"). The electronic service is used with Internet browsers through which the Lumi provides read-only access to selected partners as well as Lumi´s own content (hereinafter referred to as the "Service"). The service includes, for example, magazine articles, video and audio material. For publishing the service Lumi can use also other platforms and domains. These terms and conditions shall apply to Lumis's user and the service (hereinafter referred to as "Customer").

Using the service requires registration (with the exception of reading the completely public and social network shared articles). Unless explicitly stated in individual customer agreement or the terms of the campaign, reading the articles requires, from registered users, an article specific fee, the amount of which is present in [the context of the article].

Lumi seeks to offer the highest possible quality of service, but does not guarantee its accuracy or reliability of the Service or its parts, and Lumi reserves the right to for adding and deleting content sources. Lumi has the right to add, change and delete portions of the Service, as well as to change parts of the paid services free, free services to paid service, or discontinue part of the Service or the Service entirety. Lumi has the right to discontinue the service partially or wholly based on a justified reason. If Lumi stops the service or the provision of it, Lumi undertakes to provide the customer purchased articles as ePub file documents, provided that the Customer delivers Lumi identification of the articles by e-mail.

2. Service and data connections

Using the service requires the latest HTML 5 and epub standards supporting Internet browser and internet communications applications, as well as appropriate communication lines, for which the costs is paid by the Customer. Using a paid service also requires a valid user ID.

The accuracy of the Service or the uninterrupted operation is not guaranteed. Lumi or its licensors shall under no circumstances be liable for any damages arising to a used computer system or to the information within the system including data security risks (viruses, data theft, etc.).

3. Rights

Service content is protected by copyright law and international treaties. All service rights, including copyright, are owned by Lumi or other information producing producers. Lumi reserves all rights to the content of the service, unless otherwise stated in the Service.

Programs rights are owned by the licensees.

Placing the contents or parts of the content of the service available to the public by disseminating, presenting or displaying publicly or storing or using pieces or parts without prior written consent from Lumi is prohibited. The customer is not entitled to the publication of the Service or a part thereof or further disclosure. The prohibition applies to both pecuniary interest that gratuitous transfers, as well as situations where the service is made available to third parties. The customer does not have the right to form the Service or part of another production or another service.

The service is available to the Customer, in principle, 24 hours a day. Customer connects to the service using an internet browser. Using a paid service takes place with user IDs and passwords.

The customer is responsible for the subscriber-specific username confidentiality, as well as the use of the username. The customer must immediately notify Lumi for the loss or disclosure of username and password to a third party. Notification should be made by e-mail info@eyezer.com. Customer is responsible for all costs arising from the use of his user name, until he has informed the Lumi for loss or theft of user IDs or third party usage untill Lumi has acknowledged receipt of the notice. Lumi has the right to charge the Customer any costs incurred by the issue of new user names and passwords accordance with current price list. Moving the paid service rights is prohibited without written permission in advance by Lumi.

The customer is liable for Lumi and directly to other parties for any legal or contrary to contract misdemeanors.

4. Responsibility for the content

Legality of the editorial content of the service corresponds to each content source supplier.

Content produced by Lumi

Lumi is responsible for self-produced content, copyright and other intellectual property rights in the material. Lumi is not responsible for any other content of service or content to be delivered through the service.

Customer supplied content

Lumi is not responsible for material sent by the Customer to the Service or another service provider or content related copyrights or other intellectual property rights in any respect in any case, not even if entering through the service link, or in any other way.

Customer is responsible for material submitted to or through the Service to other users and other computer networks and that the use of the Service or the above material does not infringe third party copyright, intellectual property and other proprietary rights or is in contrary to these Terms and Conditions, the law or good practice, or cause harm or disturbance to network, Lumi, Lumi's contractual partners, other users or third parties. Customer agrees to indemnify Lumi or a third party the cost and the damage possibly caused due to improper use of the Service.

Unless otherwise stipulated by mandatory provisions of the laws, Lumi does not accept any liability whatsoever for any direct or indirect damage resulting from the Service or its use, unless the damage is caused by Lumi's gross negligence or willful misconduct.

5. Use of Personal Information

Service Provider treats registered users personal data according to privacy policy and the privacy statement of the service, as well as in accordance with legislation on the protection of privacy.

6. The use of cookies and other technologies

The service uses cookies and other technologies described in Privacy Statement. Service usage threshold counter is based on a cookie and / or local data store of browser.

7. Downtime

Downtime is possible during maintenance, excessive load or some other reason. Lumi aims to inform the interruptions, even if it or its licensors will not be liable for any resulting loss or interruption of service interruptions of service. If the service is interrupted to a reason attributable to Lumi for a period more than one day, the Customer must notify the interruption to Lumi's customer service at info@eyezer.com. Lumi does not have any responsibility for chargeable service interruptions nor Lumi will replace the customer inconvenience, costs, or consequential damages that may be caused by the service interruption.

8. Changes in the Terms of Use and article prices

Articles toll rates and terms and conditions are based on the current price and terms of use when placing your order. Prices are daily seen on the Service. Lumi has the right to change the prices and terms and conditions. Minor changes in the terms and conditions are indicated in the Service or in other similar means. The changes will take effect on the date indicated and are immediately applicable to all purchases after the entry into force of an amendment to permission. All significant changes in the conditions of use Customer will be notified by e-mail or in the Service.

9. Force majeure

An industrial action, a bomb explosion, fire, natural disaster, communication fault, control authority or other independent of the parties of force majeure will release contractor from complying with its obligations under this Agreement until after the departure of the hindrance and a reasonable time barrier the obligations can be returned.

10. Other terms

The Service may contain links and connections to third party Web sites. Such services offered by third-party applications or mediated by a third party are subject to the third party's use and other conditions.

Lumi has the right to transfer the service and maintaining it as well as the related customer company belonging to the Lumi-Group as well as in connection with a business transaction or a similar arrangement to a third party. Service and these Terms and Conditions are governed by Finnish law, provisions relating to conflict of laws excluded. Any disputes concerning the use of the Service shall be settled by the District Court of Espoo.

FAQ Privacy policy

Privacy policy


1. Registrar

Name: Lumi Interactive Ltd.
Company code: 1756352-0
Postal address: Haukikuja 1C, 02170 Espoo, Finland

2. The person in charge of the register

Name: Petri Seljavaara
Postal address: Haukikuja 1C, 02170 Espoo
Phone: 050 502 3005
e-mail: petri.seljavaara@lumitools.com

3. Register name

Lumi Interactive Oy /Eyezer–service customer register

4. The purpose of processing personal data

Your personal data may be processed for the following purposes:

• Management and development of the customer relationship
• The implementation of the service
• Customer events certification
• Development of customer service and business operations
• Marketing
• Analysis and statistics
• Market surveys and studies, as well asother similar uses
• Other similar uses

Personal data can also be processed in Lumi-group´s other Finnish companies in accordance with the Personal Data Act.

5. Content of the register

The register may contain the following information:

• contact information, including name, address, phone numbers, email addresses,
• registration data, such as user name, a nickname, a password and other possible a unique identifier
• information on customer relationship, such as billing and payment information, product and order information, customer testimonials, and contacts, the Lottery and the competitive response information and cancellation information,
• information relating to the implementation of communications and information services with the like browsing and search information,
• profiling and interest information possibly provided by the customer,
• the age, gender, rank or profession and mother tongue possibly provided by the customer
• any permits and consents
• potential supply blocking information, as well as
• any other information collected with the consent of the tester.

6. Regular sources of information

Information about users is obtained as a rule:

• from customers themselves over the telephone, return card, via the Internet, e-mail or any other similar means,
• cookies or similar technologies,
• a person registers for Finnish companies within the Lumi Group
• The Finnish Direct Marketing Association maintained by the so-called. Robinson-register and
• Population / Population Information System, the Post's address information system, telephone companies contact information from registers and other similar private and public records

7. Regular disclosure of data and transfer of data of the EU or outside the European Economic Area

Data is regularly disclosed for:

• direct marketing purposes in accordance with the Personal Data Act and
• opinion polls and market studies, and other similar studies

Information is not as a rule, transferred or given to the outside EU or outside the European Economic Area countries.

8. Data subjects' rights

The inspection and the right of rectification
The data subject has the right to verify the data stored in the register concerning him. Inquiries regarding the right of inspection must be made in writing and signed, to the address mentioned in paragraph 1. If the registered information is incorrect, the data subject may submit a request to in part 2. referred person in charge of the mentioned correction of the error in point.

Prohibition right
The data subject has the right to prohibit the controller to process personal data for purposes of direct advertising, distance selling and other direct marketing, market research and opinion polls, as well as personal register and genealogy. Prohibited and rectification matters subject may be send by e-mail to the address referred to in paragraph 1.

9. Data protection principles

Manual data
No manual material.

Information stored electronically
System containing information on the testers are entitled to only those employees who work on behalf of the right to process this information. Each user has their own username and password system. The data is collected in databases, which are protected by firewalls, passwords and other technical means.

FAQ Eyezer terms